Never Mind the Chicken, Here’s a Vege Pot Pie

I am not a vegetarian. I don’t want to be, I’m not trying to be, and I certainly do not pretend to be. It just so happens, though, that while trying to cook healthy, you can make some super tasty, healthy and filling food that just happens to also be vegetarian (like today’s feature) or even full-blown vegan (like last week’s vege pizza).

If you’ve followed my blog for more than a couple of days, you know I’m a big fan of BudgetBytes, a food and recipe blog that posts frequent recipes that are yummy, cheap and healthy. Today’s feature comes from that site, as well.

As a child, I always hated it when my mom made chicken pot pie. I was a picky eater that loved chicken and biscuits, but, come on, vegetables? It was full of them! My, how the times have changed. Now that I’ve grown up and have started branching out in new ways in the kitchen, I’m always fascinated by the many different ways I can cram more vegetables into my diet that makes them tolerable if not enjoyable. BudgetBytes has helped me find a few different ways to do this and with the introduction of this Vege Pot Pie recipe, I was super excited to get down to business.

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly – not measuring my carrots, peas or corn, dumping in an entire jar (about 4 cups) of green beans my father-in-law canned for us last year, and baking in a 9″x13″ casserole dish instead of the 8″x8″ called for in the recipe (not that I didn’t try – but my vegetables went all the way to the top, leaving no room for the home made biscuit dough – the best part!)

While this isn’t vegan friendly (both the vegetables and the dough require milk), it would be fairly simple to make those adjustments. In the end, we ended up with about four servings of delicious vegetable pot pie that is made up of nearly nothing but pure vegetables and tasty biscuit that didn’t come out of a can. Definitely give this one a shot if you have the time and have a hankering for a country comfort food favorite.


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