Valentine’s Day for All the Girls

It seems like I have two modes – Kitchen Mode and Art Mode – and for some reason I can’t make both of them happen at the same time. Always Coming Soon is working on a new series called GIRLS that I plan to work on for the next couple of weeks – a series that combines graffiti and pin-ups that will be accompanied by ACS’s signature videos with the assistance of some great bands. Trying to spend as much time as I can in the shop, it goes without saying that I’ve not been spending much time in the kitchen. Dinners lately have consisted of a frozen pizza, a delivered pizza and dinner out a couple of nights.

But when a holiday like Valentine’s Day comes around, some changes need to be made. The girls at work know I like to cook (especially bake) and have been on me for a while to bring them something – even if it was a “screw up”. And I’ve tried – believe me, I’ve tried. It doesn’t always work. Items are dry, items are too salty – items SUCK – whatever.

I found something new, however, I wanted to try and it came out just dandy. FoodBeast posted some photos and a quick blurb about Nutella Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting. A little odd because technically they’re not red velvet and technically they’re not cinnamon rolls but who cares? They’re cake rolls with Nutella in them with home-made cream cheese frosting!

The full, though somewhat vague, recipe can be found here. I wasn’t sure how many hearts to make, so I doubled the recipe and ended up making 20 rolls. The recipe works great doubled except the frosting – I doubled the frosting and ended up having way WAY too much frosting. Either way, I made the girls happy both at work and at Erin’s job. A coworker’s little girl told me they were the “tastiest thing in the world.” I’ll take it!

But don’t think I left my own Valentine out. She requested my black bean and veggie quesadillas for dinner (I’ll post those one day) since they’re her favorite. I was happy to oblige since they’re fairly simple and super healthy to make. I started her day yesterday with some home made heart-shaped banana and Nutella-stuffed french toast topped with even more bananas.


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