Painting: Jessica

As posted at AlwaysComingSoon

“Why don’t you do right like some other men do?” she swooned at the Ink and Paint Club. Eddie Valiant trying hard to not give in to her seduction knowing neither cartoon nor mortal were immune. The fact of the matter is Jessica Rabbit was hot, earning her a place in the GIRLS series.

When I set out to start GIRLS I immediately made a list of women, both real and fictional, that were the very epitome of sexy. And what better place to start than a boy’s first crush, Jessica Rabbit. Jessica was seductive, controlling, classy, loves funny guys and makes for one hell of a cosplay option.

This was painted on a 16″x20″ canvas with Montana Black spraypaint and Montana acrylic markers. The stencil was designed in Photoshop, transferred to stencil sheets and hand-cut. She’s not bad – she’s just drawn that way.

Jessica is $100 + shipping

Can be found in my Etsy Store

Here’s how I made it with special thanks to Jeremy Lowery for the opening animation, Soul Radics for the opening animation tune, Angelface for the main tune and Taj Motel Trio for the outro tune.

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