Painting: Bettie

Also posted at Always Coming Soon!

You don’t have to be a sadomasochism enthusiast from the 50s or own a copy of Bizarre Magazine to know one thing about famous pin-up model Bettie Page: She was HOT!

As part 2 of the GIRLS series, Bettie shows us her playful side; Bikini-clad, flower in her hair, beach bunny style. She suffered a very interesting if not violently uncomfortable life until her death at 85 in 2008, but what she has done for the art world is immeasurable. I would like to thank Bettie for her cute face, her sweet (and sometimes dirty) poses, those beautiful black bangs and reputation she gave to the pin-up world by allowing her to grace the canvas accompanied by the name of the series.

This was painted on a 16″x20″ canvas with Montana Black spraypaint and Montana acrylic markers. The stencil was designed in Photoshop, transferred to stencil sheets and hand-cut.

Jessica is $100 + shipping

Can be found in my Etsy Store

Here’s how I made it with special thanks to Jeremy Lowery for the opening animation, Soul Radics for the opening animation tune, Demon Waffle for the main tune “Atilla” from their album “Eat Your Breakfast” [buy it On Their Facebook Page] and Taj Motel Trio for the outro tune.

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