Painting: Amy

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She was taken away from us much too soon, but Amy Winehouse will be in our hearts as long as music resides there. There are very few singers I really dig for their vocal talents, but Amy was definitely one of them.

Say what you want about Amy – point out her drug or alcohol use, whatever – but no one can say her vocal performance is anything less than stunning – electrifying, even. Here, she’s presented in front of the title of one of my favorites of hers “You Know I’m No Good” juxtapositioned with her pouty face and pin-up pose. Your daddy said you were fine and so did we, Amy. So did we.

This was painted on a 16″x20″ canvas with Montana Black spraypaint and Montana acrylic markers. The stencil was designed in Photoshop, transferred to stencil sheets and hand-cut.

Amy is $100 + shipping

Can be found in my Etsy Store

Here’s how I made it with special thanks to Jeremy Lowery for the opening animation, Soul Radics for the opening animation tune, Soul Radics again for the main tune “Think Twice” from their album “Down to the Hall” [buy it At Jump Up Records] and Taj Motel Trio for the outro tune.

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