Painting: Lily

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She puts frightening images into our heads. Images of bats, coffins, pet dragons, vampires and…Pure sex. Lily Munster, portrayed by Yvonne de Carlo, was everyone’s favorite ghoul babe. Herman Munster was a very, very lucky man.

Lily perfectly pulls off sensual and scary. Being such a fan of the Munsters, I’ve tattooed a Lily Munster-style pin-up on my right arm and have named one of my guitars after Yvonne. Heck, we’ve even considered changing our last name to Munster on more than one occasion. Lily was a perfect choice for addition to the GIRLS series.

This was painted on a 16″x20″ canvas with Montana Black spraypaint and Montana acrylic markers. The stencil was designed in Photoshop, transferred to stencil sheets and hand-cut.

LILY is $100 + shipping

Can be found in my Etsy Store

Here’s how I made it with special thanks to Jeremy Lowery for the opening animation, Soul Radics for the opening animation tune, Manic Scum for the main tunes “Blood Junkies” and “Undead Rising” from their album “Better Left Undead” and Taj Motel Trio for the outro tune.

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