Use Dat Sauce – Bake Dat Zza!

Earlier this week I made up some Italian sausages with peppers and onions in a homemade tomato sauce and had way too much sauce left over. My intention was to put together a pizza later in the week and while me making a pizza at home isn’t entirely unheard of, it’s something that doesn’t happen anywhere near as often as it should. Would I go through with my plan to make a pizza this week?

Answer: Yes!

I consider it cheating, somewhat, that I stopped at Publix and picked up a ball of pre-made pizza dough, though I think making my own sauce cancels out the cheat. I brushed the dough with some olive oil then sprinkled on some Italian seasonings. A heaping ladle-full of sauce went on followed by a package of baby bellas that I had sautéed moments before then several slices of fresh tomatoes. Finally, I sliced up a ball of fresh mozzarella and scattered the slices across the top (I forgot to add spinach, which was part of my initial plan – oh well).

What sets this one apart from my previous ‘zzas is that I finally got around to using my pizza stone my mum bought us for Christmas last year. It worked beautifully, though me using an extremely thin cookie sheet as a pizza peel nearly ended in disaster while trying to slide the raw pizza onto the stone in the oven.

In the end we got what was, arguably, the best pizza I’ve ever made at home, enough sauce leftover to make yet another pizza, and a finally-stained and flavorful pizza stone. I would really like my own pizza peel (cheap, yes, but where do I put it?) and next time I think I will bake the dough first, THEN top, then bake again. I felt like the dough could’ve been a bit crispier, but no complaints, really. This stuff was mega good.

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