#MemorialDayFood Round 2: Lunch

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British Open-Face Grilled Cheese With Baked Beans & Roasted Tomatoes

Memorial Day breakfast was a success yesterday and I was hoping to keep that train rolling with a unique, cool lunch. While digging through recipes online and through my Food Network Magazines I came across something that seemed simple, unique and tasty.

What I came across was in the March 2013 issue of Food Network Magazine: British Open-Face Grilled Cheese With Baked Beans and Roasted Tomatoes.

But Justin, it’s Memorial Day – it’s all about waving flags and singing patriotic songs and bleeding red, white and blue! How are you going to make something ‘British’?

…We don’t really celebrate Memorial Day. Sue us.

Really simple here: Bread, tomatoes, baked beans, cheese and Worcestershire sauce. I toasted the bread, broiled the sliced tomatoes and put them on top, warmed the beans and poured them on top with a drizzle of Worcestershire sauce – then topped with a bit of shredded cheese and broiled until browned. Essentially an open-face bean sandwich. Kind of weird but it’s a stellar idea.

Verdict: Surprisingly awesome to be so simple. I think I’ve decided that if I make it again I will try to make my own baked beans and include some crispy bacon. Also, maybe some chives on top for a little extra flavor and color. Memorial Day food score: 2 for 2.


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