#MemorialDayFood Round 4: Dessert

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Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana

With the buzz of the newly-released season four of Arrested Development, Erin suggested we give frozen bananas a shot for Memorial Day dessert. I wasn’t sure how much effort needed to be put into this but after seeing a few other blogs that gave it a shot with the same intentions, I realized these were stupid easy.

I used some mini chocolate chips to melt down with a bit of coconut oil and mixed continuously until it was smooth and looked like it was going to work for me. We just bought a 1/2 cup bag of crushed nut topping and put it on a separate plate. We didn’t have popsicle sticks so I cut some wooden skewers in half and skewered four banana halves and froze them for hour. After they came out and the chocolate was ready, it was as simple as dredging through the chocolate and rolling in the nuts then back in the freezer for another 45 minutes.

We continued to watch our Arrested Development season 4 and chowed down on these tasty treats to end our Memorial Day weekend, baffled at how simple they were with every bite. There’s no reason you shouldn’t get down on these yourself sometime, and that’s no foolin’!


Memorial Day is a great holiday for us even if we’re not very patriotic. The time I spend working in the kitchen with new recipes gives me the boost and motivation I need to keep making new and innovative things in the kitchen for the coming summer so I can continue filling up this blog that has a small handful of readers and, most importantly, make Instagram food porn haters bitch some more.

Thanks for reading!

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