Morgan’s Changed Her Name

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a sister in this Father’s Day post.

Morgan came into my life at quite possibly the worst time. My parents were fresh out of a divorce and she was the daughter of my mom’s new boyfriend. Try telling a 7-8 year old boy that this strange new man would be spending a lot of time with the person you loved the most and he was bringing his infant along – and a female, nonetheless!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Morgan due to an oddball arrangement involving custody and visitation. Over the next few years, however, our relationship grew as I began to accept her as a sister and a very important part of the new family that had been there for me when my real family wasn’t. I’ve played countless hours of Barbie: Barbie fashion show, Barbie dentist, Barbie horseback riding, even Barbie goes to the dry cleaners. Arm operations and travel Guess Who dominated the back seat of my parents’ Pontiac Bonneville on vacations and trips to the grocery. And just as I had started to transition out of Nickelodeon programming on TV, along came Blue’s Clues, Hey Arnold! and those bizarre bumpers starring the slightly disturbing character “Face”.

Yes, it was tough on a little boy that thought he was too tough / too cool to play games with little girls, but I did it anyway. It became more and more worth it each year as I saw her grow into an intelligent, funny and beautiful woman. It’s become a blessing and a privilege that she thinks enough of me to consider me a brother even though we’re not blood relatives.

Morgan tied the knot last night in Kingsport and I couldn’t be happier. I was not a part of the wedding planning (thankfully) but from first, second and third-hand accounts of events leading up to the big day, I was quite intimidated by the thought of such a big blowout of an event that required months of planning. I hadn’t been to a “traditional” wedding in 6-8 years, hadn’t worn a tux in 10, hadn’t been involved in a wedding in 20. It was equal parts exciting, overwhelming and exhausting.

The place they had reserved was a beauty. I’ve driven by the Allandale Mansion my entire life but had never actually been there. The green field where they had the ceremony was dotted with large, beautiful trees and accented with a quaint little gazebo. Everything had been decorated exquisitely and all accommodatingly for the guests in attendance. My role, as groomsman / usher, was to escort my grandmother & mother down the aisle to their seats, then one of the beautiful bridesmaids, then stand still for a few minutes while the deal was sealed. Simple.

When we got to the mansion and I changed into my tux (Roughly about 3 hours before the ceremony) I immediately felt a bug inside that wanted to gripe about the heat and how bad my feet hurt from wearing those funky shoes Moon Tuxedo are world famous for providing. It certainly was hotter than hell inside this oven of garb in the July sun of northeastern Tennessee but we stuck it out. A mere 30 minutes before the ceremony, rain began to fall and a rush of confusion swept the population as umbrellas popped open and organizers ran frantically trying to figure out what the next move was.

After the rain cleared up, the show went on as expected. Now, wet from sweat & rain, feet aching more than ever, I was thankful we were moving on; thankful this would be all over very soon.

When the bride was escorted down the aisle, those gripes about my feet, the heat, the rain, etc. all vanished and were replaced by thoughts of workdays at the Littlest Pet Shop, Nick Jr. marathons, riding bicycles down the sidewalk, body boarding on family beach vacations, years of goofball family photos at Christmas time, seeing my sister at my own wedding. I was so proud of the woman she had become, so happy that the day was going to work out for her after all, so happy for her new marriage and for the man who would get to call her his wife.

We had such a great time at the wedding and reception. We got to visit with my uncle whom we do not get to see enough, my wife looked smoking hot and I got to be a part of one of the happiest days of Morgan’s life. In a million years I couldn’t be happier for Morgan and Chad and I wish them a lifetime of happiness, silliness and pure, unfiltered love.

Me with the Star of the Show

My lovely wife

Some silly cartoon I made yesterday morning

Custom art we made as a gift for the couple. Measures 18″x24″ and is framed.

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