Introducing: #CartoonButt – a Doodle Series – 001

While I’ve entertained the thought, I’ve not officially hung up the spray cans, x-acto knives and stencil blanks yet and I’ve accepted the fact that sometimes inspiration just isn’t there. Lately I’ve been spending most of my creative time doodling and making cartoons of myself and Erin (with intensions to develop more characters soon) and after following Chuck Cottrell’s “Sketches From Memory” blog for a few months, I’ve been inspired to throw some of my thoughts and often awkward moments in my life into a three (or more?) framed comic strip.

Today I’m presenting #CartoonButt 001: “Vacation Plans”. Today is the last day of a seven day vacation I’ve taken from work scheduled around My Sister’s Wedding and intended to restore my mental stability after a few stressful work weeks. I told everyone my intention for my non-wedding-related vacation was to be 100% creative – paint, draw, sketch, write, play guitar, etc. I actually only intended to spin records and draw. What I really did was occasionally draw and spend the rest of the time sitting on my duff.

Anyway, I’ll be posting these comics here, on Twitter (@justintfirefly), on Facebook and a teaser frame on Instagram (@justintfirefly) with regularity but I don’t know how regular. I have a few others ready to present, so hopefully I won’t go long without a new doodle. Finally, my number scheme includes 3 digits – hopefully I’ll make at least 100 of these before they start sucking.

Or maybe not. Whatever.


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