#CartoonButt 002: “Work Email”

A few days ago I mentioned being on a short vacation from work. One of my priorities while on vacation was to not step in if something freaky was happening at work. I would be made aware of these events because I keep my work email on my iPhone. Coworkers informed me that I would be in big trouble if I was checking email while on vacation, so I decided to not do it, not even once.

I replied to an email the very next day and was promptly “fired” by said coworkers. While I kept an eye on the inbox for the remainder of my vacation, I was actually able to hold off responding to email until I was back in the office.

While on vacation, however, I made this doodle to remind myself of what could potentially happen if I decide to get down on work email while on vacation. Harsh, but whatever works.


Pretty good feeling that I’ve got two of these posted and already have about four more in the can and ready to present. I hope to keep ’em coming!

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