Southwestern Brisket Hash

This week I’ve been diving into some Food Network Magazine recipes after a friend insisted I give this Blueberry Cheesecake Galette from September’s issue a whirl. Without dwelling on it too long or hard, the galette was tasty but nowhere near as pretty as it should’ve been, hence why there’s no foodie goodness in the blog about it.

Monday night I made a bbq brisket in the slow cooker (courtesy, again, of Food Network Magazine) with some guacamole potato salad (courtesy of a slightly modified recipe from Wholly Guacamole). The recipe called for twice as much brisket and sauce as the meal called for with intentions of using the leftovers for the next night’s dinner.

And Tuesday night, as usually happens during the week, was the next night.

In yet another Food Network Magazine recipe, Tuesday night dinner was Southwestern Brisket Hash, slightly modified to fit the items I had in my kitchen. This baby was made up of some fried red potatoes, a diced onion, a diced jalapeno, the leftover brisket and sauce, a couple of handfuls of fresh spinach and a few slices of Jack cheese served topped with a sunny side up egg and a sliced avocado.

And the results were quite sexy:

The brisket was just as juicy as it was the night before and matched up well with the fried potatoes and the egg. The jalapeno gave it just enough tang for flavor and the cold, ripe avocado was a nice contrast to the dish as a garnish. We’re definitely inviting this guy over for dinner again. There’s also enough leftover for us each to have lunch the next day. I’m just mad there wasn’t enough for dinner and lunch for the next three days…

Seriously. I’m upset about it.

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