FNKitchen Chef’s Burger Special, Week 3

Local restaurant Aubrey’s has one of my favorite burgers in town: the “Thunder Road” Burger. She’s a half pound of USDA prime goodness topped with tobacco onions, sliced jalapeños and pimento cheese. It’s big, it’s sloppy and it’s a perfect way to feed my fairly-recent fascination with pimento cheese – something I’ve not been a fan of until the last year or so.

So when the Food Network Kitchen at work announced today’s Chef’s Burger Special would be a pimento cheese burger, there was no way I was bringing my leftovers from last night, no matter how incredibly tasty they may have been.

As usual, the always-scrumptious burgers from the kitchen were juicy and grilled to order. This guy today was topped with lettuce, tomato and pickle then finished off with a giant scoop of creamy, smooth pimento cheese.

And I was apparently not the only one excited about this as I went to lunch about 30 minutes later than usual and the grill cook announced he only had five burgers left – I got number 3 which was cool because I definitely would’ve wrestled someone over this baby.


Taking a little different approach to next week’s burger special since the boys are doing a little bit of an off-site. Guess I’ll have to make a burger special at home, eh?

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