FNKitchen Chef’s Burger Special, Week 5

You may or may not have noticed there’s not a Week 4. Your humble narrator hardcore missed out on last week’s Buffalo Burger special. While my excuse is the most valid possible excuse I could have, I was still a little disappointed I missed it.

But boy did they help me make up for it this Wednesday. Week 1’s Burger Special, The Queso Burger has seriously been hard to beat. My friends at work and I could easily eat Mexican or Mexican-inspired dishes every day of our lives so the thought of queso and tortilla strips gracing our hamburger was a godsend. We were, however, a little worried about this week’s special, the Salsa Burger.

Was it going to just be their usual, juicy and tasty hamburgers with a scoop of salsa on it, thus technically qualifying it as a “Salsa Burger” and sending it on its way? We hoped not as the kitchen’s salsa is just okay and that lacked any kind of imagination. What we saw on the menu when we made our way down that fateful Wednesday afternoon was a lovely, lovely site.

Food Network Kitchen’s hand-pressed, grilled to order burgers topped with lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese, pickled jalapeños, your choice of either house red salsa or green verde salsa, a dollop of sour cream, and fried tortilla strips all on a toasted Flour Head bun.

What a mess. And by “mess” I mean a sloppy, falling apart, sexual type mess. Fork and knife were required, tears of joy followed. Everyone involved agreed the only thing that could’ve made this better was if the Starbucks downstairs was converted to a margarita bar. I’m sorry, Queso Burger, I think I like this guy better.

My burger with the green verde salsa:


Allison’s burger with the red salsa:

Back on the topic of last week’s Buffalo Burger, I was sort of hoping to get a guest blog post out of it but my back-up was MIA that day as well. Either way, here’s a shot of it from my friend Clair:

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