FNKitchen Chef’s Burger Special, Week 6

Over the last few weeks we’ve enjoyed some pretty outside of the box burgers from our friends at Food Network Kitchen. And while we’ve certainly been impressed with the more strange selections like The Salsa Burger, The Pimento Cheese Burger and the infamous Queso Burger, it’s always good to get back to classics and this week was one of those weeks.

The Chili and Cheese Burger isn’t anything new or fancy – we’ve made them at home, had from from Hardee’s, seen them featured on mom & pop restaurant menus all over the country. The fact they’re so common, however, doesn’t take away from the excitement that comes from knowing you’re about to eat a hamburger topped with drippy, sweaty cheese & chunky chili.

As always, the burgers were hand-pressed and grilled to order served up on Flour Head burger buns and stacked high with lettuce, tomato and pickle. This week was topped with bubbly, melted shredded cheese, a giant scoop of chunky bean-style chili and about a half-handful of Fritos. A little extra flavor, a little extra crunch, a lot of extra mess – I ate half with my hands and finished with a fork & knife: a sign of a burger that’s worth your while.

If this were to happen again, I’d definitely go for jalapeños to add a little bit of spice. Allison had the right idea and went for a sriracha topping. Brilliant!

Anyway – here’s how it worked, please enjoy:


Here’s how Allison’s worked:

And here’s how J-Lo’s worked:


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