This Week’s FN Recipes (10/20) + Another Bonus

Continuing with consolidating all of my non-process* weeknight treats into one post, here are some of the goodies I’ve put together from the Food Network Magazine “Weeknight Cooking” section.

*My lovely wife bought me a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR camera this week – process posts are coming!

Unfortunately I only cooked three nights this week. Monday night I was lucky enough to attend the Ghost concert at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville with a co-worker after hitting up a couple of Porters and some steak potato skins at Downtown Brewery, probably my favorite place in town for both food and drink.

Tuesday Night: Slow Cooker Caribbean Stew: Food Network Magazine, December 2012
Recipe Here

I love using my slow cooker. When Erin and I got married we often discussed having one but didn’t really have the room to store it. After moving into our house a few years ago we finally decided to give in and get one but it wasn’t until Christmas last year when Erin’s folks bought us our very first slow cooker before we actually owned one. This recipe utilizes our slow cooker with some thyme, flour, allspice, beef stew meat, gold potatoes, carrots, ginger, garlic, worcestershire sauce, Mexican-style diced tomatoes with green chiles and scallions. The end result was chunky and flavorful – the veggies and beef were spoon-cutting tender and the addition of allspice + some hot sauce gave this dish a little “kick”. A super simple dish to prepare and it’s always a welcome relief to come home to dinner being ready.

Wednesday Night was this awesome French Onion Burger I made in this post – check it out and see why it was a #BurgerWin.

Thursday Night: Slow Cooker Chili with Steamed Rice: Food Network Magazine, November, 2013
Recipe Here

Once again busted out the slow cooker here with relatively few ingredients that included 2 pounds of beef chuck, two cans of pintos, tortilla chips and a sauce made of half tomato paste and half fresh brewed coffee. Put it all together, put it on low and come home to a heavenly aroma and a limited number of steps between you and dinner: Steam some white rice and serve alongside the chili topped with scallions, avocado and some shredded sharp cheddar. This was my favorite recipe from the week; beefy, beany and mouth-watery. And while this was extremely flavorful already, the sharp cheddar and avocado really set this meal off.

Finally, a perk at my job is the random trivia contests that come about regularly in our daily corporate newsletter. I’ve been lucky enough to have won several things from these contests (both trivia-related and not) and well – it seems I’ve done it again. This week’s trivia question involved celebrity chef and Food Network talent Anne Burrell. Correct answers to the question “What famous chef was Anne Burrell’s first boss?” (A: Lidia Bastianich) were put into a pool and a winner was chosen at random to win Anne’s new cookbook Own Your Kitchen – Recipes to Inspire & Empower. I’ve flipped through it and while I don’t think a lot of these recipes are “Weeknight Cooking” friendly, I have no doubt some weekends and special occasions will be catered by this book. Thanks, Food Network!

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