FNKitchen’s Chef’s Burger Special, Week 10: Southwestern Burger + Catch Up

Looks like the last Burger Special I blogged about was this freaky burger #fail three weeks ago. Bad food blogger, I suppose.

In the time between then and now I ate and photographed a Mushroom Swiss burger that looked like this (according to Allison):

And the week I had off consisted of a Creole Burger that looked like this (again, according to Allison):

Burger day is back with a vengeance this week at the Food Network Kitchen with one of the best yet according to everyone that took part: the Southwestern Burger.


There was a little debate about what this burger was going to consist of: BBQ sauce? Onion ring? Cheddar cheese? Jalapeños? In the end the answer was “All of the Above + Bacon” along with the standard burger toppings – lettuce, tomato and pickle – and stacked on a thick Flour Head Bakery bun.

Katherine’s view

Once our phones stopped snapping pictures the nearly x-rated moans of pleasure and excitement filled the air as we cut into our burgers and took our first bites. These guys filled up the entire box they were served in and were spilling jalapeño-bbq goodness all over while the crispy fried onions were begging to be picked off and eaten separately like an apple off the tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil.

Allison’s view

As exciting as this was we’re now even more pumped about the rest of the month which consists of a Hawaiian Burger, Fried Mozzarella Cheese Stick Burger and the return of old-time favorite, the Bacon & Egg Burger. I leave you with sweet Clair’s risque open-face photo of today’s treasure:

This is post 6 of my very first time participating in NaBloPoMo, a “Blog a Day” project for the month of November.

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