“Coffee”: A Shakespearean Sonnet

This morning I got to work tired and with heavy eyelids. I was looking forward to pouring myself a cup of coffee and slumping down behind my keyboard and sleepily awaiting my daily 8:45 call while waking myself up.

And while that eventually came to be it wasn’t as immediate as I was hoping. There were many people in the office before me this morning yet no coffee had been made. Who are these freaks that can be here at this time of day and not at least have a pot of coffee started?

I was so moved by this event that I wrote this sonnet. I do hope you enjoy:

Autumn breeze blows against the face
Across the bridge to the door
This routine for me is commonplace
My eyelids hit the floor
Glasses off, lights come up
My coffee mug is dry
The morning should start with a steamy cup
Else the day goes slowly by
I’m not the first to get here
Yet inhibiting my plot
A groggy person’s greatest fear:
An empty coffee pot!
Never even started – what were they thinking?
Early birds obviously don’t go out at night drinking!


This is post 7 of my very first time participating in NaBloPoMo, a “Blog a Day” project for the month of November written on Day 8 because I was lazy yesterday.

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