Build Your Own Role Model!

To be asked who your “role model” is can be a seriously tough question. I mean, I have a couple of canned answers, but the reality of the matter is that our role models change based on what we’re currently doing or how we’re feeling. We may have a role model that we want to be just like / look just like / really admire but it’s rare that you feel that way about them at all times. It’s hard to love and accept a happy, positive role model when you’re feeling – as one of my college professors once said – “brown” so we’ll often look to someone else that we feel knows where we’re coming from – someone we know would handle the situation the way we want to, ourselves.

And so SoulPancake has recognized this and have asked users what aspects of what people they would pull from to create the ultimate Frankenstein Monster of a role model?

For me…

David Beckham for his insanely good looks and athleticism. I do not, however, have any desire to play soccer – just wear my hair like he does, have his style and physique.

Steve Jobs for his ability to make his “reality distortion field” work, his vision, honesty and his determination.

Jean Michel Baquiat for his ability to know what he wants to say and his ability to say it through his truly unique art.

Justin Warner for his desire to not only live “outside of the box” but his absolute refusal to acknowledge its existence.

Aaron Barrett for his persistance because even through countless lineup changes in his band he’s stuck with it and made an admirable career out of it. Some albums rocked, some albums sucked and he’s been there through them all.

This is a [life’s little lists] writing prompt from SoulPancake and can be found here. I highly recommend you check out SoulPancake, buy their book and share your input on the site!

This is post 14 of my very first time participating in NaBloPoMo, a “Blog a Day” project for the month of November.

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