Friday Favorites 11/15

I spent last evening at a small bar / concert venue called The Well with two of my favorite ladies, $2.50 Shiner Bock draft and my friend John’s band Sundale. We enjoyed a night of rock’n’roll, alcohol and nachos which was a pretty amazing way to end an already awesome day (big news will hit the blog sometime next week). Despite the wonderful end to the work week, my “Friday Favorites” are a little sparse. Either way:

1) Super Typhoon as Seen From Space
Mother Nature can be cruel – devastatingly cruel – yet in the cruelty can be found a beauty that cannot be described with words. These photos depict Super Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines last weekend as taken by astronaut Karen Nyberg from the International Space Station.

2) Order Domino’s Pizza with a Literal Push of a Button
The PiePal is a device that has been created with some 3-d printing, a small computer and some LEDs assembled into a button that allows a person to select the number of pizzas they want to order and send Domino’s their order without having to speak to a single person or type a single key. Just turn the dial and press the button – pizza. This is a device I can seriously get behind!

3) Bill Maher New Rules: When Did Christian Values Change From Love Thy Neighbor to F*ck Off and Die?
I waited tables for 7+ years and while I certainly know how it is to be stiffed on a large tab, walked out on, even harshly judged by fellow Christians because of whatever reason they had in their head (including one that thought I was gay and was going to base his tip on whether or not I was), I will be the first to tell you that servers bitching about this is old, tired, played out. It sucks, yes, but it’s a part of the job – some people are assholes, most people are not. In light of recent events involving “Christian” patrons and their homosexual servers that have exploded on the web, Bill Maher has this piece addressing the situation in a way that is funny for current or former servers, an “amen” for those that are sick of Christians’ self righteousness and I’d imagine an embarassing realization for religious freaks that are guilty of any of the behavior he describes. Worth a watch!

4) History of Food Logos
As a foodie and artist it should go without saying that I’m a big fan of the art that goes along with restaurants / brands. The science behind logo design – especially fast food – has always fascinated me to no end. Here is a nice chart that details the changes made to some of food’s most recognizable brands over the years.

5) Bad Taxidermy is the Perfect Mix of Hilarious and Terrifying
Erin and I recently finished watching season 3 of Science Channel’s show Oddities on Netflix – a show that follows the business lives of the co-owners and employees of New York antique store Obscura. One of the recurring themes in the show is crazy taxidermy. This shows a list of items – not from Obscura – that fall into the category of both crazy and taxidermy. I enjoy nearly all of these, especially the Angelic Cat and the Oh-So-Sassy Bobcat.

6) How to Metal: DEATH METAL Lesson with Super Quest
This is just dumb. I mean really dumb. Yet it’s right on and I love it. This video is a minute of both stupidity and cleverness as Super Quest shows us how to play a Death Metal song on guitar, tells us what makes a Death Metal song and shows off his great “Dance Music Sucks Shit” t-shirt. This guy is brilliant in his own way.

7) If ‘Space Jam’ Had Been Real
It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen Space Jam (though it’s only been a couple of days since I’ve jammed to the Monstars’ “Hit ’em High”) but it has become sort of popular again in its old age and this video – apparently created by Yahoo! – depicts a teaser of a doc about the fateful game shown in the film as if it really happend. Also, it’s done in ESPN Documentary style. Genius!

8) Jockey® Low-Rise Y-Front® Brief: Anchorman
While I’m not super crazy about shopping for underwear online, I was thrilled when GQ tweeted about Jockey’s partnership with Anchorman in anticipation of the upcoming sequel and have created Ron Burgundy-inspired briefs. These babies come in both Sex panther Red and Beard of Zeus Blue. Jockey also wants to ensure you these guys look stylish under pleated pants.

9) These Abandoned Toy Factories and Shops Will Haunt Your Nightmares
I’m a big fan of creepy toys – especially dolls and toys – and about the only way they can be much creepier than when they’re brand new is when they’re old, rotten and forgotten. These photos were taken in different locations all over the world and depict the remnants of shops and kids’ would-be best friends who have been forgotten and alone for years. Some of the graffiti inside the buildings isn’t too shabby either and I especially dig the Safety Switch label.

For the sake of evenness I should scramble to find a number 10 but it just isn’t happening. Slow week, I suppose.

This is post 15 of my very first time participating in NaBloPoMo, a “Blog a Day” project for the month of November posted on day 16 because I’m lazy and unmotivated.

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