Reboot: 17 Days Later, Still Rebooting and Losing My Touch

27 days ago I started my “reboot” with a juice fast and 17 days ago I quit juicing. Like I said last week, I’m still technically “rebooting” I’m just doing it without juice and with a heaping helping of physical activity. Weight-wise it’s been slow going but I can tell I’m shrinking when I look at myself in the mirror in the mornings. I’m now down 17lbs (1 pound down this week) but my “tight” shirts are fitting much better now and I’m SO close to tightening my belt up a 2nd notch. The number on the scale is moving slowly but physically I can tell I’m slimming down and I feel great!

I also mentioned last week my intention to get my movement and push it into overdrive. And that I have. I’ve taken into consideration some of the exercises I enjoy doing and ones I know work well for me to lose weight and get fit and put together my own workout “program” of sorts. With the help of I was able to find a boxing routine that works well for me. After doing a little bit of research and math, I’ve found that a guy my size, on average, burns about 100 calories after just 10 intense minutes of boxing a heavy bag. That’s pretty darned impressive. Also, I’ve started Couch-to-5K again and am utilizing a local park’s trail and the CT5K app for the iPhone. It’s pretty awesome, though running isn’t my favorite thing.

My weekly workout routine looks like this:

Monday: Wake Up – 5am, Morning Workout – 6am Spin Class (40 minutes), Evening Workout – Boxing (30 minutes)
Tuesday: Wake Up – 5:45am, Morning Workout – CT5K (30 minutes), Evening Workout – Weight Lifting (20 minutes)
Wednesday: Wake Up – 5:45am, Morning Workout – CT5K (30 minutes), Evening Workout – rest
Thursday: Wake Up – 5am, Morning Workout – 6am Spin Class (40 minutes), Evening Workout – rest
Friday: Wake Up – 5:45am, Morning Workout – CT5K (30 minutes), Evening Workout – Boxing (20 Minutes)
Saturday: Wake Up – Whenever, Morning Workout – Weight Lifting (20 Minutes), Evening Workout – Rest
Sunday: Rest

Getting moving again feels awesome. I’m still loving Spin and while the first 2 days of CT5K nearly crippled me, I was able to do the week 1, workout 3 run on Friday despite having a sore throat and it pouring rain and finished stronger than I had the other days in the week. I’m not only excited about started week 2 but I’m Rocky-style pumped.

Also in the last week I started cooking again and THAT felt awesome, too. Only thing is…I feel like I’m starting to lose my touch.

Monday’s Slow Cooker Black Bean “Stoup” was really good. A simple recipe with big, bold flavors. We loved it. Tuesday’s oven fajitas were good but they were boring because I didn’t make rice and didn’t serve tortillas. Also, despite the green and red peppers, the overall dish was sort of beige. On Wednesday I made chipotle sweet potato “burgers” that were lovely but I burnt the accompanying sweet potato fries – I BURNT THE SWEET POTATO FRIES! What kind of an amateur am I? On Thursday I made some nice roasted spaghetti squash with smoked sausage and marinara sauce…That came out of a jar – another culinary fail. Finally, on Friday I broiled some salmon with a tomato cream sauce and some mixed veggies. It was good but the veggies were bland. Again, another fail.

Between the beige fajitas, the burnt sweet potato fries and the shame of using jarred marinara sauce, I was unable to get back on my #foodporn game like I had intended. Who knows, maybe next week.

Tonight is a (hopefully) nice tandoori chicken with some curried chickpeas and spinach with naan…Naan that I bought from Kroger. Gah, before long I’m going to be cooking exclusively out of a box. I guess culinary corner-cutting can be acceptable on such a busy schedule and I guess I’m doing pretty well to be cooking at home as often as I have. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother me.

Eh, Erin’s happy with my cooking so I reckon that’s all that really matters, no?

I want to end this by sharing some goodies I got yesterday. SideOneDummy Records re-released my friend’s band Superdrag’s sophomore Elektra release Head Trip in Every Key on double-disc clear vinyl. I got the preordered package that included a sweet t-shirt in addition to the gorgeous album. Head Trip… includes my favorite Superdrag song, Shuck and Jive and I can’t wait to jam that today.

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