Birchbox Man Unboxing: Optimized

Last month’s Birchbox Man was focused primarily on getting the year started off on the right foot. Happy and healthy is (most) everyone’s goal and this was a nice accompaniment for attaining it. On a personal level I’ve been keeping at it; running three days a week, boxing three days a week, and cooking now 6-7 nights per week usually healthy fare, often paleo-inspired. I’ve lost almost 8 pounds and I’ve dropped another belt notch (that’s a total of three since last year’s “reboot”!).

Despite it being a successful year so far and being mostly satisfied with last month’s Birchbox, it pains me to say nothing from last month’s box was impressive enough for me to consider either of them a “favorite”. I’m always excited about a good face scrub but the scrub provided by Do The Right Thing was nostalgic in a bad way by having a scent that reminded me of the cheap hairspray that formed a cloud in the beauty shop my grandmother visited every Friday morning. And despite being so excited about the headphones from Icon Q I was disappointed with them this morning after they fell out of my ears just as often, if not more frequently, than standard Apple earbuds while running – and they’re even designed to stay in there!

C’est la vie, I suppose. On to this month’s goodies!

February is a short month, here and gone before you know it. As people leading busy lives in an even busier world it’s important to stay on your feet, keep up to speed and remain ahead of the game all the while looking amazing while doing it. Birchbox Man has provided a nice little kit to help us get there in style with this month’s box, Optimized

From left to right:

Resurrecting Rinse and Resurrecting Wash by Dear Clark

1989 by Histoires de Parfums

Contort by Quirky

Plug Power by Quirky

Yes, February may be short, but that’s no reason to be a slouch. Most people’s New Year’s resolutions have likely already fallen through but if you decided to take better care of yourself this year, Birchbox Man pretty much gives you no choice. May your February be as optimized as mine will be.

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