Photo Post: Ice/Snow Storms Are Totally Kvlt

I associate snow with black metal. I associate black metal, potentially unfairly, with a fascination of the occult and/or the devil. One could conclude that I associate snow with the devil and it would be true because I do. To convolute things even more: I hate snow, love black metal and don’t believe in a devil. The weather has nothing to do with music; music praising the name of a demonic idea is silly. The fact remains: snow sucks.

An ice storm hit on Monday night and into Tuesday morning leaving houses, cars, trees and anything else uncovered encased in a quarter-inch layer of solid ice. Snow followed piling up another 1/4 inch on top of the ice leaving our neighborhood as a winter wonderland that nobody in their right mind asked for. The icing on the proverbial cake came in the form of a power outage at my house at 9:00 Monday night. The outage lasted a mere 4-1/2 hours for us, which was much less than some of the 7,000+ Knoxville residents had to deal with but ours was tougher than theirs because I was in the middle of playing Donkey Kong ’64 and that game rocks. We were stranded at home for the next two days, which wasn’t a bad thing, but left me a tad stir-crazy. Each time I looked outside at the blanket of freezing white that covered the ground made the opening chords from Darkthrone’s Kathaarian Life Code playback in my ears.

I despise the snow, especially after it left my car stranded last year making me walk the rest of the way home. Now that I’m 30 I also hate cold weather somehow (used to love it) and I hate the idea of myself or someone I care about driving in it. The cold hurts, hot weather hurts – basically, I’m just grouchy about weather all year ’round nowadays and I’m okay with that.

There were two saving graces, though: For the first time I got to see Murray’s face covered in snow after sticking his giant diamond head into a pile of snow-covered leaves and I got to snap a few snow photos.

As usual, the whole set can be found on my Flickr feed but I thought I’d share just a few:

All photos were taken with a Canon EOS REBEL SL1 with 18-55mm kit lens. Icicle photos include a 10x macro lens attachment. Follow me on Instagram @justintfirefly if you’re into “liking” things like this.

Wind chill is around -5˚ today and it’s going to be Saturday before we get above freezing. I made it down my driveway this morning after basically chiseling my car out of the ice that held it down but I’m not going to make it back up it tonight. Once it melts, some may say “gone too soon” but I say “not soon enough”. Get out of here, snow and cold wind, I’m ready to gripe about being too hot again.

It’s Night again, night you’re beautiful
I’ll please my hunger on living humans
Night of hunger, follow its call
Follow the freezing moon

-Mayhem The Freezing Moon

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