Urban Decay & Wednesday Addams – A Photo Post

I ran once this week for a total of 3.5 miles. Not worth re-posting the table but if you’d like to discuss something I actually did do this weekend, allow me to direct you to the below gallery that samples a few snaps I made over the weekend in Bristol, Abingdon and Kingsport. We met a neo nazi and a man that believes in ghosts, toured the abandoned Moonlite Drive-In Theatre, saw our families, walked the streets of downtown Bristol, and played with a cat among other things. Check it!

As usual, these are full-sized and alongside the other photos I took on this trip on my Flickr Account.

I guess the other things mentioned above could also include my most recent tattoo from the always great Rob Jarrett at 2 Ton Gallery in Kingsport on Thursday: this beautiful Wednesday Addams portrait:

Finally – I’ll just say that if I do what I’m supposed to do, half-marathon training begins next week! I cannot believe I’m going to (try to) do this!


    • It is! I’m very excited though it’s quite far off. This week is the first real week of training on the program I’ve made for myself and I’m starting it off with a pulled calf muscle and maybe a cold…I am NOT happy about it…I’ll be looking forward to seeing your progress, though! I’m very excited but also scared to death! For both of us!


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