Staycation Part 4: Tattoos

**I’ve taken some PTO lately in an attempt to eat it up before the end of the year. This is the fourth and final installment of Staycation where I share little bits of what I got into. Dig it.

Erin’s birthday was Tuesday and since she wanted to get a tattoo after she finished her grad school stuff I figured I’d get her one for the big 3-1. And how could I justify being at the shop that long without getting one myself? Happy birthday, Erin; We both got tattoos! As usual, these were both done by the great Rob Jarrett at 2 Ton Gallery in Kingsport, TN.


Now that I’m better about bringing my camera with me most places I didn’t miss the opportunity to take a few shots around the shop while Erin was getting worked on. You can see them all in their high-res glory over at my Flickr Stream or just check ’em out below:

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