Photo Post: Nashville

Alright, well, I’ve not been running at all so there’s zero to talk about regarding my fitness, but there’s plenty to show!

Over the weekend Erin and I went with a few friends to Nashville to see the Predators play. While we enjoyed seeing the Preds play hockey in their A+ venu, Bridgestone Arena, there were lots of other sweet sights to behold while we were in town. Our Saturday and Sunday took us not only to Bridgestone Arena, but to the historic Ryman Auditorium where we toured the theatre and I got fussed at by a hipster for trying to take photos of the stage, Antique Archaeology Nashville, storefront for History Channel’s American Pickers located in the historic Marathon Motor Works building, our favorite shop in town, Hail, Dark Aesthetics, and IHOP…Twice.

I don’t want to go into detail about what all we did because nobody wants to read that, so I’m just going to share some of the photos I took over the weekend. I took my telephoto attachment for my DSLR, which worked out great for the hockey game (even though I didn’t get many interesting photos) but I learned that the telephoto attachment is a little bitch when you’re trying to just take photos around town! I’m so used to getting right up on stuff to take their photo but I found myself staggering around all Saturday afternoon trying to get away from the stuff I was hoping to shoot just to get it all in the frame. This resulted in many unusable photos. I intend to shoot some of the items we picked up at Hail in the next few days assuming I get some time just because they’re so cool.

Here are a few selections. You can see them all on my Flickr stream.

Our Preds lost 2-1 in overtime but it was still a pretty sweet time. We’re pretty pumped about getting back down there for another game!

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