Still In It? Let’s Make It Happen!

Anyone that knows me more than a little knows how much I hate health/fitness shortcuts, hacks, and miracles. When I look at my Facebook feed throughout the day I see a lot of “cleanse” this and “wrap” that and “pills” this and “meal replacement” that and “carbs carbs carbs, on my god let’s stay away from carbs”. We live in a world where everyone wants to be fit but most people don’t want to do the things you have to actually do to become fit. After all, why spend weeks making any actual sacrifices, changing any habits, waking up any earlier, losing any TV time, when you can just take a pill? When you can just wrap your torso for 45 minutes? When you can just do a crash diet for a month? We have busy lives, for Christ’s sake, so any time we can save some time and effort, we should go for it, right?

There was an episode of the Jetsons that depicted George waking up and doing his exercises. But he wasn’t getting up at 4:30am and dragging his little cartoon ass to the gym. No, he pressed a button beside his bed and then watched himself jump rope, run, and even box, from the comfort of his own bed, while also reaping the benefits.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 10.49.02 AM

I’m not going to act like I wouldn’t take advantage of that if the technology existed (or was even scientifically possible). I would be all over it.

But it doesn’t exist.

And neither do shortcuts that provide lasting results.

The end of April is approaching and while the vast majority of all New Year’s resolution makers dropped those good intentions during the month of January – maybe even the first week – there are still some folks that are still struggling to make it. If you’re one of those people and you’re still making progress here in the last week of April, congratulations, and well done! But fitness isn’t something with an end date. NerdFitness often says there is no “Before” and “After”, rather, there’s a “Before” and “During” that’s ongoing, indefinite.

And is here to help push you further into that infinite progress with their #stillInIt Challenge. Starting tomorrow (April 25) and going through June 19, #stillInIt is a yearly program intended to help those with fitness goals for the year to push harder through mid-year, way beyond what a New Year’s Resolution could ever provide us.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 11.06.46 AM

Start off by registering, uploading some “before” photos, participate in weekly challenges, follow the 8 week workout plan, and kick some serious dietary ass, and by the time June rolls around, you will be a new person. This seems like a great program for whatever level you’re at as long as you’re not easily intimidated.

And you have no reason to be. You’re an absolute freak like that.

Looking to pick yourself back up after a failed Resolution attempt? Join up. Been working hard and looking to reach specific fitness goals? Join up. Just looking for a fun, social-fueled challenge? Join up!

If you’re hella fit or have a drastic transformation, you could be one of 2 grand prize winners that grab a cool $20 grand and a trip to the MusclePharm Sports Science Center! One Transform for Life winner will pocket $10k and visit MusclePharm, and there are weekly challenge winners that can win prizes from MusclePharm and FitMiss!

Or you can be like me, and just join up for a bit of motivation and accountability. I’m not looking to win any prizes or become a fitness model or anything, but I do have some goals I’m looking to hit, and I’m going to try to give this program my all to make that happen.

I’m currently 224lbs, and I’d like to see me at 215 by the end of the challenge. I’m at 16.5% body fat, and I’d like to be at 15% or below by then, too. Both are attainable, but only if you put in the effort.

Are you #stillInIt?


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