[photo post] Providence Farm

One of my stops on my birthday roadtrip was Greenville, SC, to see my boy Jon and his wife Kaylee. Jon’s story is an inspirational one to say the least, and I’d be lying if I said his story hasn’t pushed me to write my own the way I have. When Jon and I became friends, he was a skinny wiener. Before long, that skinny winer turned into a fit freak. The fit freak turned into a muscle head. The muscle head turned into a personal trainer and fitness model. The personal trainer and fitness model then started his own meal prep business called ELEV8 Nutrition. ELEV8 Nutrition took off and eventually put Jon where he is now — owning his own farm-to-table restaurant in the heart of downtown Greenville — Farm Fresh Fast.

It’s sustainable. It’s literally fresh from the farm. Yet it’s fast food. With a drive-thru, even. I spent an entire day of my trip with Jon that included opening the restaurant, having amazing turkey bacon and fried duck eggs for breakfast, helping set up a catering event, attending a restaurant equipment auction, checking out one of the farms that provide his restaurant with pork and poultry, then helping put a few finishing touches on his most-recent venture, Seedlings – the first-ever farm-to-table kid’s restaurant located in downtown Greenville’s Children’s Museum.

I just happened to have my camera with me at the farm so we’ve dubbed it Media Day for Farm Fresh Fast.

If you want to see more pigs and chickens, check ’em out in high-res on my Flickr account. Otherwise, here are these:

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