[PHOTO POST] ReWind at Scruffy City Hall

It’s been a minute since I’ve gotten to snap some photos at a concert. In fact, the last time was August 5 at the Secret Stages Music Festival in Birmingham and again on December 14 at the historic Exit/In in Nashville. 

Fortunately for me, I work with Brandon Fisher (guitarist for The Lees of Memory whom I had shot at the above shows) and I’ve been able to network with quite a few fellow musicians at the office over the years. Brandon is probably the most well-known thanks primarily to his time playing in Knoxville sweethearts Superdrag (one of my favorite bands of all time) so when his bands do stuff, people hear about it / see it online. Fortunately for me, that means I had a pretty large audience for my Lees of Memory photos, not least of which was local musician and support-desk medicine man Dan Marshall.

Dan is in a few local bands and has been for years (most notably Dishwater Blonde and recently Regal Beagle). A new project, however, is the all-covers act ReWind consisting of Marshall on bass, Davis Mitchell (also of Dishwater Blonde) on guitars/vocals and drummer Rob Matthis. 

The guys asked if I could come out and shoot their show at Knoxville’s Scruffy City Hall last Friday so I snatched up my 77D + 50mm lens and got to work. The results are below. Please follow ReWind on Facebook so you can catch them out! They do killer covers of everything from 60s party rock to 90s hip-hop and everything in between! 


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