23 days into this, 26 days into the new year, and I still title my blogs 2009 before I post them…

My brain on drugs.

Speaking of which, I think the steady diet of healthier foods, a regular workout plan and a steady flow of supplements and fish oil has proved to be a lethal mix. I feel that this healthier lifestyle has caused me to get a little dumber each day. Healthier? Yes. More energetic? Yes. Smarter? No.

I have made fried eggs nearly 1 million times over the past few years. Over easy, and tasty as can be. I love them and will never get sick of them. I fire that pan up, get Erin’s breakfast ready, then spray the pan with cooking spray and throw in the eggs (which I’ve cracked and placed in a bowl so I can pour them out easier) in the pan. *plop* *plop* fiZZZZZZZZ they stretch out about 2/3 across the pan and begin cooking. Tasty! I crack some salt and pepper over them, and when the time is right, I flip them over, count to 20 and then flip them onto my plate, which has already been decorated with two pieces of toast, sliced. Breakfast of champions…

Until this morning.

Justin’s brain on health drugs went bye bye this morning as I followed the normal routine and plopped the eggs into the pan…But forgot to spray the pan.  The eggs immediately stuck at about 1/3 of the way across the pan.  I thought maybe I poured them out too slow.  No biggie.  Yes biggie.  Trying to flip the eggs, I realized my error.  And those were my last 2 eggs.  The results were rubbery, part scrambled, part over-medium-ish fried eggs.  Have a look:

Oh well…Pobody’s nerfect, I guess.  Either way, here’s some ska:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

First day of the week
Is supposed to be the worst
It’s Tuesday, dumb eggs…

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