Okay, well, it’s Sunday, day two since I said I would include the sources I wanted to use for my upcoming ska half-sleeve…And it still hasn’t happened. I’ll say, though, that Rob took a look at my stuff and has already started piecing together what will be a tremendous work of art that I’m super stoked about. I should get some of the roughs that he’s working on over the next 2 or 3 days as he’s a busy guy, but I’ll try to post them, assuming I have permission to do so, whenever that takes place. I also gave him a couple of sources that I can’t find anywhere on the internet, so when I do post the sources, I’ll have to omit a couple, as I allowed him to hang on to them so he could figure out how to work them into my piece. There’s no doubt this will be incredible.

Erin and I hit O’Charley’s in Kingsport last night for a couple of drinks. I figured I’d see 2, maybe 3 people that we actually knew and it almost turned into an old school O’Chux shindig. We don’t “go out” like that very often, so it was a ton of fun to get to hang with all of the old O’Charley’s crew. A good night = Newcastle + Laughing ass off, and last night was one of those good nights. Thanks, guys!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Last night at O’Chux
Best night I’ve had in a while
Rachel’s Roid Rage Van

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