And March brings us to post number 57…About 54 more than I figured I’d get to…I’ve got some ideas for some pretty rad blogs this week, so stay posted for more on that. Erin and I are going to talk with Jeff about getting together a contract so we can make an offer on this house we’ve been looking at…Once again, more on that…Erin won a Mellow Mushroom T-Shirt the other day because she told a pizza joke on their wall…Even though there were only 4 people in the contest and 3 of them represented us…I have a feeling that I’m going to win one today, as a contest that ends at 5:00 contains one entry as of 3:42…and it’s me. So, that’s pretty hardcore Mellow Mushroom…MM = My favorite restaurant…Maybe ever…The horror parade was somewhat rained on this weekend as my fear of getting together with someone who lives far away and not being able to use our time wisely conquered my desire to get some work done on the *ssshhh* new show…

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Tomorrow Rambles
So does Wednesday and Thursday
Friday does as well

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