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As many of you know, I work for the National Embryo Donation Center as part of the new media staff, developing social media sites, blogs, podcasts, videos and whatever else we can to use new media as a way of spreading the word about embryo donation and adoption. Check out all of these and tell your friends about them all…Spread this around as I’m sure you probably know someone who could benefit from such a procedure.

The Official NEDC Website
The official NEDC website provides information about the process of embryo adoption and donation as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions and content available for download. You may also begin the application process here.

The Embryo Connection
The Embryo Connection website contains an enormous amount of frequently updated information about the process of embryo donation and adoption. Topics include adoption agencies, public policy, bioethics, law, news media and medical research among others.

The Embryo Connection Blog
The Embryo Connection blog keeps you up to date with the National Embryo Donation Center, and any advances or news related to embryo donation and adoption. This blog is maintained by NEDC’s New Media team and will utilize graphics, photographs, news stories, videos and podcasts to share information about embryo adoption and donation. Please contact one of our administrators with any questions you may have via email or comments and we’ll be more than happy to answer them.

The NEDC Blog
Join Patty Cassidy and Marti Bailey on their journey of embryo donation and adoption. Learn about the joys and struggles they encountered, and gain insight from two couples who have been experienced both portions of the process.

The Embryo Connection, Episode 01 “NEDC Has a New Home!”

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Enjoy today’s haiku:

Shameless promotion
Never hurt anybody
Now do as I say!

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