Quote of the week came to us early this morning:

Me: (To Erin after looking at the Food Network Store email I received this morning during breakfast):
“Ya know, Food Network sells all these pots and pans in their store and when they put Rachael Ray’s name on them, they’re still just pots and pans…ya know, only $50 pots and pans. How do I know if Rachael Ray really approves of this equipment? I want to receive a letter with it that says ‘Rachel Ray cooked a stoup in this pot and it was delish!’ ”
“You’d be ‘stoup’ for buying it”

Scene of the week came shortly after when Erin and I were about to depart for work. I start my car and pick up the Eagles of Death Metal “Heart On” CD that I have with me to listen to on the way to work and show it to Erin by holding the album in one hand and making “devil horns” with my other…Erin responds by grabbing a CD case of her own and repeating the same action. Her CD? Lady Gaga’s “The Fame Monster.”

I love my wife :-)

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Erin and I rock
To Eagles of Death Metal
And Lady Gaga

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