Sometimes I wonder…

…What the people at Wendy’s think when I come through the drive though. I wonder if they think “Ugh, here comes that dude again, number 6 with a coke, ‘small’s fine’ he says.” I wonder how many times they tell people to drive around to the second window and they watch as morons drive to the first window and wait for ages before finally figuring out their folly? I wonder what they’ve said prior to me reaching the drive through window that was so funny? I wonder if I said something funny on the intercom and they’re laughing about and imitating me while putting together my spicy chicken sandwich? I wonder if they’re worried that I was going to come back because they left the tomato off of my sandwich? I wonder, if after they realize I’m not coming back, they’re impressed with my ability to read the sign on the menu that says tomatoes will be left off unless requested because of the tomato shortage? I wonder if they are watching me sit in my car in the parking lot adjacent to the restaurant, commenting on how I’m shoving this meal into my mouth like some starving swine? Sometimes I wonder…

…and sometimes I worry…

…about my well being, but never about my sanity. Sometimes I worry that I may not get a job after this one, but never about my job security. Sometimes I worry about my car getting towed, but never about being pulled over for speeding. Sometimes I worry about something happening to Erin when she’s on her own, but never while she’s with me. Sometimes I worry about what people think about me, but never what they actually think about me. Sometimes I worry…

…and sometimes…

…eh, forget it.

Happy 311 day!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

My junk food lunch day
Moved from Friday to today
And now I feel sick…

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