After reading this, I played a rimshot on my belly and followed it up with “Thank you!  Taking it up a notch” and since I had gone this far, I figured I’d complete the reference with “Anyway, I hate this cartoon and I hate all of you………..just kidding, I don’t hate this cartoon!”

101 East Vanderbilt Volume 5:  “Neighbor Parking”

Click to enlarge

I’ll also include this video for those who got the reference:

Days till closing:  7

Enjoy today’s haiku:

The beer makes me hot
I sit in the living room
And burn my ass up


  1. i love your strips they are awesome and i hope you save them for your future it is some thing that you can make big . atleast bigger than you HAHAHA, like that will happen. Just kidding i love you bro and wish you the best .


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