So I get a $50 ticket in the mail today that included some super cute photographs of myself driving Erin’s car just after 8:00 am at the intersection of Concord and Kingston Pike.  The citation is for “failure to stop at a red light” and the back of the citation reads “RED MEANS STOP.”  I thought I was a super clever guy and said “hey, they don’t have a case here because from the photographs, I’m obviously turning right, and right on red is not illegal in the state of Tennessee, look it up!”  Well, as it turns out, turning right on red isn’t illegal as long as you stop at that red light first…They had this cute little video on their website…F me.

And no worries, I haven’t forgotten today’s nice 101 East Vanderbilt where a child dies.  If only.

101 East Vanderbilt Volume 8:  “The Whining Child”

Click to enlarge

Days till closing:  4

Enjoy today’s haiku:

It’s a rolling stop
Apparently a big deal
Bye bye fifty bucks!

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