On the last day of July, I have tried my best to be mega productive, knocking out some household chores that I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, including putting together my workout bench, knocking out the laundry and hanging the curtains in the bedroom. My to-do list is almost checked all the way off. And though we got a mega heavy rain this morning that cooled temperatures off by a few degrees (it’s currently more than 10 degrees cooler than usual) it’s still hotter than “holy crap, man” outside. It’s seriously no wonder kids don’t go play outside. If a parent wants to say something about childhood obesity, tell them to go outside and play for an hour without suffering a heat stroke.

I’m a fat man and a fat man just doesn’t work well in the heat. Or the cold for that matter. My office is usually one or the other, so here’s me at work…and also a picture of part of the breakfast I cooked for Erin this morning :-) :

Enjoy today’s haiku:

In a few moments
the towels will be finished and
Filet’s on the grill!


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