I’ve scheduled this blog to post at 5:00 P.M., Friday, April 23, 2010.  Since this blog was written on Thursday, we’ll play a guessing game.  At 5:00 on Friday we’ve watched the movers come in, pick our stuff up at the apartment and have dropped it off at the new house.  The house is now cluttered and all to pieces, but it’s still beautiful.  DirectTV has already come to “install” our cable, which didn’t take much since all the wires and dish were already in place.  Erin and I are more than likely either eating or making our way to Lowes to buy a lawnmower / blower / weed eater with our newly acquired income tax return because we’re cool like that.  Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Convention in Nashville is tomorrow and the Nightmare on Elm Street remake comes out today.  Go see it and don’t tell me how it is because we’re going to see it SOON.

Enjoy today’s haiku:
On Friday, we’ve not
Had internet for one day
I’m probably nuts

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