I’ve scheduled this blog to post at noon, Saturday, April 24, 2010.  Erin and I are more than likely currently hanging out in Nashville at the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Convention.  We’re meeting celebrities, possibly networking with artists and film makers who have booths there and are most definitely checking out some of the sweet tattoo work that will be going on.  There are several film showings, a tattoo contest, costume contest and other forms of entertainment, none of which we’re going to attend more than likely since we’re driving home tonight.  I’m taking lots of photos and will post them on Monday when I have internet for 8 hours.  Trudy has probably peed in her cage and I’ll be glad when I get home that it was just in her cage and not on my side of the bed or on my jacket.  She’s lovely.  So is my wife.

Enjoy today’s haiku:
Saturday’s haiku
Sucks just like the ones before
Pobody’s Nerfect

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