I’ve scheduled this baby to post at 9AM, Sunday, April 25, 2010.  At this very moment, my parents are pulling into the driveway, awestruck at the awesomeness of our new house.  They’re going to church with us today so they can see if they enjoy this type of “religion-less” worship.  Something that’s very important to me.  It’s helped me lift my spirits since we’ve been going and I’m super thankful that we’ve found such a place to worship the way we feel comfortable doing so.  I’d love it if they enjoyed it as much as I think they will and they find the place back in Kingsport to be just as fun that will get them going to church for the right reasons, not worried about what people are wearing or if they took communion or not or trying to “fit in” because if you just want to “fit in” then you need to get out.

At the risk of being labeled, here’s an awesome song that usually pulls me up when I’m in a slump (it’s been blasted often as of late, especially when I feel like tearing someone’s head off about getting internet service at our new house.)  Everyone enjoy this guy, it’s awesome:

Enjoy today’s haiku:
It’s a sad, sad thing
When Christians drive you away
From a loving God…

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