Alright, well here’s how this will work…Knocking out 4 blogs in the next few minutes  since we’ll be moving tomorrow and won’t have internet or access to it…Saturday we’ll be in the new house, but will actually be in Nashville all day at the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Convention and will not have access to internet…Sunday we’ll be at the new house with my family, and again, will not have internet.  It has seriously been a bad situation that I won’t get into right now, but anyway, here’s today’s blog…an observation.

While at KFC for lunch today, I sat, chewing on my greasy fried chicken and mac and cheese, my body a tad jittery since I was super hungry, my peas soaking into something that I wasn’t sure if they were yams or apples…or some kind of glazed potatoes (turns out they were apples).  My food item selection formed quite the variety of tastes, all oozing into the next item, creating a casserole of various artery clogging goodness.  The music was loud.  There weren’t many people in the restaurant, which contributed to how I perceived the volume of the music, but it was still loud, even for a packed restaurant.  High expectations, I guess.  Regardless, I sat and continued to chew, while in my mind I was singing along to “Borderline” with Madonna.

As I finished my chicken breast and mashed potatoes, I noticed how the radio was now playing a commercial.  This commercial was a great example of why you shouldn’t blast just regular radio in your restaurant as I was treated to a 30 second verbal advertisement for McDonald’s, who has a restaurant next door.  The commercial was funny, playful and happy, everything this KFC was not.  On top of that, the specific food the commercial advertised was McDonald’s “Fresh” chicken sandwiches and salads and I couldn’t help but think at that very moment, some bread pudding type dessert dripping from my spork, that I had made the wrong decision for lunch.

I refilled my drink right in the middle of the next song, a song by a popular country singer, whose name I cannot remember, but I do remember that it was terrible and heartbreaking and a reminder of why I quit listening to new country several years ago.  I picked up the broken pieces of my freshly shattered heart and returned to my seat to finish my lunch.  Next song comes on;  “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White Ts.  This song is a guilty pleasure of mine and I hate to admit it but now it’s out there for the world to see.  I listen to the words about how this guy cannot be with his Delilah for a few more years but he’s going to make it all okay by playing his guitar and being one of the last decade’s one hit wonders.  What a sad and miserable song.  I thought this right around the time I looked up and noticed the diners at KFC consisted of myself, another dude dressed similarly to me, probably 10 years older though, sitting by himself and one more guy, probably another 10 years older, again dressed similar to the other two guests, sitting by himself.  We were all by ourselves at KFC, killing ourselves off by eating the buffet on a Thursday afternoon, listening to a guy who pretends to be more pitiful than we are.  But we know better.  Oh yes, we know better.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Charter internet
Has now been forced upon us
Customers for life?*

*please, Lord, no

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