So today I got to interview Rob Zombie for the Metro Pulse.  I’ve interviewed people before, but never for something that will be read / listened to by other people so much.  So, technically, it was m y first REAL interview.  It wasn’t so bad, ya know…If you dig your first interview being with someone you’ve admired for at least half of your life and being nervous as mad cow the entire time…which I don’t really dig, but it was a cool experience nonetheless.  I’ll need to edit and write a bit but as soon as I know where it will end up, I’ll link to it.

Erin watches Glee and it’s stupid…Though it’s a lot of fun lusting over girls who you’re supposed to think are in high school.  The guys are all ugly, unless you’re Julie Chang.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Washer and Dryer
Has finally been hooked up
Too bad I’m unplugged…

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