I’m starting to compile quite the list of keywords used in different search engines that have somehow found my blog.  I only wish that I could reference the particular blog that was found with these words.  Either way, here are a list of my favorites:

“Is There a Simpsons Tonight, 04/04/2010”
“Mrs. Simpson junk food”
“Justin Simpson Now”
“Amateur See Through”
“Simpsons ooh Lovely Lady You’re So Mellow On My Mind”
“Puppermints, do they work”
“Simpsons Organs Sick Person”
“Newscasters Cleavage”
“Mislead Romance of Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy”
“Rachel Ray”
“Embryo Donations”
“Combined Insurance Joke”
“Simpsons Old Man Beard”
“Ladybug Haikus”
“Dr. Josef Heiter”
“Paid $67 Game Tester”
“Took Off Her Socks”
“Scroobius Pip Mitch Hedberg
“I Hate Mrs. Simpson’s”

So folks searching for my wife’s eating habits, a lovely lady who is mellow on their mind, Rachel Ray, a fictional German doctor, a scamming myspace ad, top heavy news anchors, the Combined Insurance joke (“We’ll pay you if you’re hurt, we’ll even pay you if your feelings are hurt, how’s that?  Hahahaha!  Nah, seriously, we don’t do that…”) and amateur pornography have found your humble narrator.  However it is they find me, it’s caused my views to shoot up considerably as of late and I’m fine with that.  No more enticing (or driving people off) with promises of nude photos of myself!  Wins for everyone involved!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

E’s mad at Trudy
“Good, stay in there with Daddy”
Trudy gets “A” bust…

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