Being the manly man and wonderful husband I am, I have chosen to get my blog / haiku in at 11:20 pm, just 40 minutes shy of being too late, while Erin cleans out Trudy’s poo and pee filled cage.  I’d say that I feel bad, but I don’t…As Trudy is currently looking at me with “pug face” and it’s seriously impossible to be upset about anything when there is “pug face” involved.  Nearly 7 hours on the road today consisted of a trip to Hickory, NC for HickoryCon, where we didn’t see much that we wanted, but still walked out with stuff.  It’s amazing how comic geek stuff like that does this to a person.  We visited Morganton for the first time since we moved back to Tennessee and got to see a lot of our good friends, which was awesome, especially Erin’s super rad News Herald homies :-)

A lot of drama at the Brush makes me an unhappy Daddy, but everything is happening for a reason, and with good faith and a patient heart, those things will eventually turn into good things in one way or the other.  I’m living proof.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Trudy eats the food
And Trudy drinks the water
Dog shit and pee pee

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