Okay, so yesterday someone got to my blog by clicking a link somewhere on a site called Enemy Territory Tips.  I was immediately offended as those who know me know that I’m pretty hardcore against the military, the thought of a military, and the boneheaded idea that America thinks they have to be “bigger and badder” than the rest of the world by having a top of the line, suited up military.  And you may say “But Justin, there are so many countries that hate us because we’re superior and free, and what happens when they attack us?  Huh?”  This may get me in trouble, but like it or not, we’re really not the most superior country on the planet for a variety of reasons.  We’re also not the only free country on the planet, or even the most free for that matter.  Oh, and when we attack them, guess what?  Their people say “they attacked us!  It’s revenge time!” just like…”christian” american’s do.  Then we will seek revenge. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this will never resolve this way.  “America is a Christian Nation.”  Sounds like it.

Okay, so I got off topic, so I’m going to bring it back around and close it by saying that it turns out that that Enemy Territory Tips site is actually a video game cheat-type site for war video games.  They didn’t find my site because they weren’t card carrying NRA rednecks, they found my site because they were pimple laden, mountain dew drinking virgins.  Guess who my friends are? :-)

We bought a grill today…Can’t wait to put it together and fire up some steaks this summer :-D

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Erin’s working hard
Much harder than me, really
So, what else is new?

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