I have always wanted to be in a band.  The thought that I could really live a lifestyle where I would be barely getting by, but risking my financial stability, health and mental well being for an art that I love with all of my heart has always been super appealing to me.  I would finish my half sleeves, then turn them into full sleeves.  I would get my lip pierced and wear plaid shirts every night over t-shirts that have something witty on them like “I’m not Justin Simpson” or something along those lines.  Unfortunately the closest I’ll ever get to such a dream is through my music projects Kill the Ghoul! and Ashe5String, neither of which are very good.  Apparently you have to have some talent before people will actually listen to you, too, from what I’ve been reading on the internetz.

No, a rock star I’ll never be and in a band I’ll probably never be either.  Luckily I have a lot of friends who are in some pretty awesome bands who get to be in a band for me, or at least with me in mind.  Although my favorite “friend” group, the P.I.T.S. aren’t together anymore, I still jam them out fiercely.  Another often-jammed-now-disbanded group I regularly enjoy is Aorta Journal.  Those were good days, but we gotta get moving again, and my bro’s groups are just as hard rocking as ever!  For an awesome example, I’ll post the new music video for my homie Josh Wegner’s band Angelface.  The track is called “Buck Wild” and it’s pretty insane!  Who knew Steve had pipes on him like that?  I love their “big,” heavy and grungy sound…Anyway, enjoy “Buck Wild”:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Comic database
Cool people do this stuff, too
I think they do…right?

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