Well Erin and I sat down the last 2 or 3 nights and put together a database of all of our comics, trades and graphic novels.  We finally have them all down, names, years, editions, publishers and what they’re worth in near-mint condition (98% of ours are).  Tomorrow I plan on getting them all arranged by type, then name and saved on each of our iPods so we can take them into the cons when we travel so we can easily just flip through the hundreds of names and titles to see what we have and don’t have on the fly.  This will make comic hunting much easier and will make us more efficient.

It will also tell everyone that we’re such big dorks that we made a database of our comics, saved them to our iPods and plan on carrying them with us to the cons for this reason.  My mom is so proud.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Mouse in the garage
Big spider in the garage
A killing machine

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