What an interesting day.

When I was younger, I got “sprinkled” in the Presbyterian church I attended. I had been singing in the choir and was leading the congregation in the responsive reading every week. I wanted to do more. My paps was a deacon, my gran was the historian (I also typed out the historian records for her every month). They were very active in the church, a place I liked a lot, mostly because the people were nice, they gave me a lot of attention, I was getting to be involved with things adults were doing and we ate lunch once a month, and breakfast once a month. I was very young and wasn’t educated on the topic of baptism, all I knew was that I liked what I was doing and was told if I wanted to continue being a part of the church, the next step was getting baptized. Well, I didn’t want to not continue being involved at this church. I had a lot of friends who were involved there. My grandparents wanted it. My parents encouraged it. So I did it. Big deal.

Very big deal.

Since then, I’ve gone far, far away from religion. Then became “spiritual,” then became a bit of a universalist, then no religion again, and finally hit nearly rock bottom when I discovered actual faith again. I followed it, trusted it, truly believed it, and I have been rewarded every single day for it. I got baptized for all the wrong reasons. I knew not what I was doing. Didn’t care what I was doing. I fully believe a baby has no business being sprinkled, and a child has no business being baptized. They just don’t know what they’re doing, do not understand the significance of it, and through this, go through with something that really, in my eyes, doesn’t count. I did it anyway.

Since then, I’ve learned a lot. About my faith, my heart, my surroundings, my wishes, my joy, religion, and how all of these fit into my life. The pieces have all fallen into place in the perfect order and at the exact time when I needed it the most.

I’m sitting in my new studio on a lawn chair with pollen all over it, staring at the monitor of my PowerMac G4, pounding out today’s blog, and proud to say…

I got baptized today. This time for real. Not looking for support, not looking to be acknowledge, not even caring about anything except what has taken place in my heart and soul.

And it…feels…wonderful…

I wanted to share this briefly, as well as the music video to this song I’ve recently gotten into. I just picked up this album today, but haven’t listened to it yet. I hope the whole thing is as cool as this song:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Beavis and Butthead
Were risque when I was young
Now, hilarious!


    • BTW, NeedToBreathe got started at a local church here in Seneca, SC where I live. They are truly talented and, imo, unique in their sound.


      • Very cool! Thanks for reading my blog and the comment on my haiku! I hope you’ll return to read some more! This is a year long project I’ve started. I’m about to hit 150 haikus (of 365 and beyond, hopefully).

        I just heard “Washed By the Water” not long ago and fell in love with it. I’m currently at work listening to “The Heat” which I picked up this weekend. Pretty awesome stuff, even though it’s not really my “sound.” Must be powerful to be able to break that boundary!


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